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Karma Adjustable Macrame Bracelet by Jenny Present

Wear the karma adjustable macrame tassel bracelet as a constant daily reminder; the very things that makes love so remarkable, the way it can make your heart soar or turn life into a beautiful adventure, are also the things that can make giving love feel so risky. There’s a lot at stake, but you’ve learned to trust in the karma of love: The more love you put into the world, the more love finds you! Keep encouraging yourself, as well as the people you care for the most in life, to love unabashedly with a bracelet that says, “The love that you give will come back to you in full!”

  • Beautifully textured brass circle (measuring ½ inch across) symbolizes the Karma of love—the love you give always comes back around!
  • Three round-cut cubic zirconia give the adjustable bracelet the perfect bit of sparkle.
  • Macramé knot bracelet comes in a soft brown-auburn color.
  • Fully adjustable from 6” to 8” making it easy to slide on and off.
  • Special accents include two fun tassels and a tiny brass jp signature tag.

Please allow 5 to 7 business days for delivery.

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